What is spiritual health?

It is not unusual to see people with good physical health and success to be unhappy and restless despite all material comforts. Lack of inner peace and happiness is a testimony to the lack of spiritual satisfaction seen in these situations. Spiritual health allows an individual to be content and peaceful despite adversities with a never-ending faith and hope.

How can we recognize higher powers? What is the role of religion?

The universe has been created and is being sustained by a force far greater than what any of us can comprehend. It is in our interest to recognize this force, and allow its perception to provide us with the much-needed calm in this restless world. Just by simple methods of deeper introspection and close analysis of nature around us we can feel the presence of this pivotal power. A non-fanatic, non-judgmental, selfless, and humble religion can be a helpful pointer in that direction.

How can We evolve ourselves?

Life is a journey of the soul on earth and with learning and improvement its goal. Self evolution is therefore an essential need of every soul. Learn the steps of self awareness, self awakening and self evolution to be able to satisfy this need which contributes to the peace and advancement of the spirit.

Can we synchronize with the universal energies for self-fulfillment?

Nature, of which we are a part, runs smoothly by following simple laws of equilibrium. By merging in them we can streamline our own existence and flourish and complete the circle of life with dignity, peace and bliss. Learn the simple laws hidden in the word: CIRCLES.

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